Vertical Aerospace and helicopter emergency medical services (EMS) specialist Babcock International are to explore the potential for new applications for the developer’s VX4 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, including both civil and military missions.

The partners will work together to explore how to use the VX4 in new applications such as EMS and cargo transportation, or even casualty evacuation for the armed forces.


Source: Vertical Aerospace

VX4 could be used for EMS missions

Vertical says the 85nm (160km)-range VX4 has the potential to “transform these types of operations and reduce their carbon impact at a lower overall cost.”

Babcock will review how it could use the VX4 to perform roles including first-responder operations and emergency transport between hospitals.

Beyond civil applications, Babcock will also explore the potential to use the VX4 for military missions such as medium-range logistics delivery and casualty evacuation.

Phil Craig, managing director of UK aviation at Babcock, says: “Exploring the V4X’s technological capabilities allows us to understand how it can be used to deliver critical care and logistical support in challenging environments with zero emissions.”