Airbus chief commercial officer Christian Scherer has defended Airbus’ aircraft order performance at this week’s Farnborough air show by highlighting its announcements across the year so far.

Speaking as EasyJet firmed an order for 56 Airbus A320neo jets at the show on 20 July, Scherer insisted “it’s not a quiet air show” for the airframer, which has been doing plenty of work in the “private rooms” in its chalet.

Airbus chief commerical officer

Source: BillyPix

Scherer says Airbus has been doing plenty of work behind the scenes

Furthermore, Scherer is relaxed about the lack of order announcements.

“If you are asking ‘where are the Airbus announcements?’, I remind you… that we have clicked way past 500 orders so far this year and we’re quite satisfied with that,” he states.

“We don’t need to make a lot of noise. We can do business quietly. That’s what we’re doing.”

Asked about rival Boeing’s slate of orders from the show, Scherer says he prefers to speak about Airbus, but observes that “it was about time for Boeing to pick up some steam”.

He adds: “The other thing is, rehashing old orders – okay, that’s not what we’re doing.”