Kratos Defense & Security solutions is promoting its series of target drones, designed for weapons verification and training.

The company has two full-scale mockups of its BQM-177 and MQM-178 systems on its stand.

The BQM-177 is used by the US Navy to mimic sea skimming targets. When approaching a ship, a slight offset is applied to the drone’s course to ensure it doesn’t hit the warship in the event it is not shot down.



The MQM-178 is used to mimic enemy aircraft. Special reflectors can be added to make the vehicle appear larger on radar. If an IR homing missile is being tested, flares can be fitted to the MQM-178’s wingtips to simulate a fighter’s engine and, like a real fighter, it can be deploy chafe and flares to confuse incoming missiles.

The drones can be pre-programmed with missions, and adjustments can be made while they are in flight. Both vehicles can perform high G manoeuvres, and are designed to be retrieved either from land or sea.

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