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UTC Aerospace Systems has unveiled a new integrated electronic flightbag system.

Core to the new system is an application called OpsInsight, which can be run on an Apple iPad or Windows-based tablets, says UTAS.

OpsInsight connects in the cockpit to UTAS's tablet interface module, which itself is connected to a the supplier's aircraft interface device.

But much of OpsInsight's value lies outside the cockpit, says Joseph Kuruvilla, a regional sales manager for UTAS's sensors and integrated systems division.

"It is a product designed around the day in the life of a pilot," says Kuruvilla.

On the day of flight, pilots can use the app to see crewmembers they will fly with as well as weather information, flight schedules and flightplans. The system can also display certain aircraft information such as pertinent maintenance items, he says.

Once in the cockpit, pilots connect their tablet to the interface module, pulling into the app avionics, flight performance, weather and other data, Kuruvilla says.

As the aircraft passes waypoints, the system logs fuel, time and other factors, saving pilots from traditional paper logging, he adds.

After landing, pilots can review their flights, and airlines, if permitted, can review flight data, which can be used to improve flight planning and flight efficiency, Kuruvilla says.

UTAS is working with airlines to trial the system, though Kuruvilla declined to name carriers.

Source: Cirium Dashboard