Space Shuttle Endeavour has completed its final flight on its trek from Florida to Los Angeles where the shuttle will be placed on public display.

The mission began on 18 September when Endeavour, aboard its modified Boeing 747 carrier, left Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the first leg of its journey, landing at Ellington Field in Houston. This followed a low-level flyover of some of the city’s landmarks.

It then departed Houston at dawn on 20 September, stopping to take on fuel at Biggs Army Air Field in El Paso before proceeding to Dryden Flight Research Facility at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

Space shuttle
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The following day it left Dryden for a flyover of northern California and areas of the Los Angeles basin before landing at Los Angeles International Airport.

In October, Endeavour will move to the California Science Center to begin a new mission inspiring future explorers.

The flight was be the last ferry flight of the space shuttle era, capping nearly 35 years of shuttles riding atop modified 747s, counting the approach and landing tests conducted by Enterprise in 1977.

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