Preliminary information from Iran indicates fatalities resulted from a Boeing 707 crash in the west of Tehran, according to news agency reports.

Local media reports suggest that the aircraft was carrying from 10-16 passengers, and that only one survived.

Images on social media indicate the aircraft came down in a suburban area, and that the fuselage was consumed by fire. Reports suggest the jet was attempting to land in Karaj, a suburb of Tehran.

The progeny of the aircraft has yet to be ascertained. Some early reports suggest the aircraft is a Kyrgyzstan-operated freighter, but Flight Fleets Analyzer shows no 707s in service with the central Asian country.

Tehran, however, operates eight 707-300s. The Iranian air force operates six and the government two.

The two government-operated aircraft serve in the VIP transport role. Of the six air force jets, three serve as tankers, two serve as intelligence assets, and the third as multi-role aircraft.

Grainy footage from the crash shows what appears to be a tanker boom along the bottom aircraft's tail. In addition, the jet's livery, with blue and red stripes running the length of the fuselage, is consistent with Iran's tanker fleet.

The average age of the fleet is 42.9 years.

Source: Cirium Dashboard