Italy's Guardia di Finanza customs body has ordered an ATR 72-600 for maritime patrol missions, to be outfitted by prime contractor Leonardo.

Valued at €44 million ($51.2 million), including training and logistics support, the deal could eventually reach a total value of €250 million if an unspecified number of options are exercised.

An ATR 72-600 passenger aircraft has a list price of around $26 million.

Delivery of the ATR 72MP will take place in 2019, says Leonardo. The Guardia di Finanza already operates four smaller ATR 42MPs.

The twin-engine turboprop will be capable of performing a number of roles, including maritime patrol, search and rescue, anti-piracy and anti-drug smuggling operations, and surveillance of territorial waters.

Italy's air force already operates a version of the ATR 72MP, which it designates as the P-72A.

ATR is a joint venture between Airbus and Leonardo.