The search continues for a Lockheed Martin F-35A operated by the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force that crashed last week in the northern Pacific Ocean.

Japanese media reports indicate that that the aircraft’s tail has been recovered, but the aircraft’s fuselage and the body of the pilot have yet to be located.

The aircraft crashed on 9 April during a training mission while operating from Misawa air base. The aircraft involved bore the serial number AX-5 and the registration 78-8704 - the first example built by Mitsubishi final assembly line in Nagoya.

US and Japanese ships, aircraft, and a submersible continue to search for the missing jet. The search area is reportedly 135km out to sea east of Japan’s Aomori prefecture.

Media reports suggest there is a concern that the aircraft, if not found, could possibly end up in the hands of foreign powers, such as China or Russia.