Saab's second of three GlobalEye surveillance aircraft on order for launch customer the United Arab Emirates (UAE) completed a 2h 54min debut flight from its Linkoping site in Sweden on 3 January.

Second Saab GlobalEye - Saab


Using a Bombardier Global 6000 long-range business jet as its basis, the GlobalEye system combines a Saab Erieye ER active electronically scanned array radar mounted above the fuselage, with a Leonardo Seaspray 7500E maritime search radar, electro-optical/infrared sensor, and electronic warfare equipment. With several onboard stations for mission-system operators, the platform will be capable of performing simultaneous airborne early warning, maritime and ground surveillance duties.

Second Saab GlobalEye lands - Saab


The UAE announced an order for two GlobalEye platforms at the Dubai air show in November 2015, before subsequently committing to buying a third example.

Carrying the registration SE-RMZ and having collected flight-test data during its first sortie, the programme's second aircraft got airborne less than 10 months after Saab's lead example, which made its debut in March 2018.

Saab has not disclosed when the Rolls-Royce BR710-powered type is due to be delivered to the UAE.