Dassault met its objective to deliver a dozen new Rafales during 2018, with the company having supplied three-quarters of the fighters to export customers.

Nine Rafales were handed over in support of export deals, along with a trio of jets for the French military, Dassault confirmed in a financial update issued on 7 January. This was in line with its previous planning for 2018. Two updated Rafale Ms were also returned to French navy service during the year, after work to bring them to the latest F3 operating standard.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that Egypt has taken delivery of 20 Rafales, from a total order for 24 of the type.

Dassault also finalised a fresh 12-unit sale last year, after Doha exercised an option for a follow-on order that will boost its future Rafale fleet to 36 examples. "The first down payment was paid in the first half of 2018" for the latest commitment, the company says.

Rafale - Dassault


With its fresh order from Qatar, Dassault's firm order backlog for the Rafale stood at 101 units at the end of 2018: identical to the figure 12 months earlier. Of this figure, 73 aircraft will be produced for export buyers, with the remaining 28 on order for the French military.

Fleets Analyzer shows that the company's international backlog comprises the remaining aircraft for Eqypt, Qatar's 36 units and the same number to be delivered to the Indian air force.

Source: FlightGlobal.com