Aeroflot has detailed its proposed agreement to lease 50 Irkut MC-21-300s, providing an early insight into the performance and financial considerations for the new twinjet.

The Russian flag-carrier's agreement covers delivery of the aircraft on operating lease from Aviakapital-Servis, with deliveries running from the first quarter of 2020 to the third quarter of 2026.

Aeroflot has confirmed that all 50 will provisionally have Pratt & Whitney PW1400G engines, but that it has the right to opt for an "alternative" powerplant – the Aviadvigatel PD-14 – from the 26th aircraft onwards.

Irkut has outlined guarantees that, on a 3,240km (1,750nm) route with a tailwind of 14kt, the aircraft's fuel consumption will be no more than 9,865kg, says the carrier.

The lease term is 12 years for each aircraft, it says, with an option to extend it by two years, a maximum of three times.

Aeroflot states that the basic monthly lease cost of the aircraft will be no more than $437,282 per aircraft. This figure will increase by $1,000 for every $100,000 of additional equipment installed.

The figures are given in January 2018 prices with a maximum escalation rate, derived by Irkut, of 2.6% per year.

Aeroflot says the MC-21s will be guaranteed to achieve a specific number of flight hours with a dispatch reliability of 96% for the first year, rising to 97% and 98.5% in the second and third years of operation respectively.

It adds that Irkut will provide a "start-up customer package", covering the first 20 aircraft, which will compensate Aeroflot if they fall below a set operational level over the first three years. Total compensation will be calculated for each aircraft, the airline says, adding that the total package offered is $45.1 million.

Over the first three years the aircraft will be guaranteed to reached 2,100h, 2,900h and 3,750h – the compensation figure will be reduced if the actual hours exceed these levels.

Aeroflot puts the maximum transaction price at $5.23 billion, adding that aircraft delivered from the beginning of 2021 will have European Aviation Safety Agency certification.

Source: Cirium Dashboard