Air Tahiti has signed for an additional ATR 72-600 and firmed its previous commitment to take two of the manufaturer’s new short take-off and landing (STOL) version of the ATR 42-600 turboprop.

The French Polynesian carrier emerged as a prospective launch customer for the ATR 42-600S when the programme was unveiled at the Paris air show in 2019. The programme was formally launched later that year.

ATR Air Tahiti

Source: ATR

Air Tahiti is a launch customer for the new STOL version of the ATR 42-600

ATR revised an initial entry into service date for the type from 2022 due to the pandemic. Test flights of the STOL verions began earlier this year and ATR says first deliveries are expected for the end of 2024.

In July, ATR’s other initial launch customer for the STOL version, lessor Elix Aviation, reconfirmed its commitment 10 of the type as well as a further 10 from the new leasing platform Abelo, which it has established with Adare Aviation Capital. PNG Air has also commited to the STOL aircraft

No delivery date was disclosed for the additional ATR 72-600 Air Tahiti has signed for. The airline already operates seven ATR 72-600s and a pair of ATR 42-600s.

Air Tahiti general manager Manate Vivish says: ”Our ATR fleet has been instrumental in allowing us to achieve this essential mission, and will continue to be as we keep growing and offering further sustainable connectivity.”

STOL ATR 42 first flight title-c-ATR

Source: ATR

ATR carried out the maiden flight of the ATR 42-600S on 11 May 2022