US freight carrier Air Transport Services Group has secured a deal to fly an additional 10 Boeing 767 Freighters on behalf of Amazon Air starting this summer. 

The Ohio-based cargo and charter operator said on 6 May that the deal will extend into May 2029, with extension rights for another five years. 

ATSG Amazon 767

Source: Nathan Coats /Flickr

ATSG has been operating widebody cargo jets for Amazon Air since 2016

In a filing with the US Securities Exchange Commission, ATSG discloses plans to sublease and operate 10 additional 767 Freighters to be “provided by Amazon”. It will operate the first of the widebody jets starting in June and continue adding the 767s into service through November. 

Through subsidiary Cargo Aircraft Management, ATSG currently leases 30 767 Freighters to Amazon, along with operating an additional 11 of the type provided by the e-commerce giant. 

The deal includes potential to add another 10 aircraft. 

“We’re pleased to further expand our leading role in the Amazon Air network that we started in 2016,” says Joe Hete, ATSG’s chief executive. “These additional aircraft will allow us to leverage our existing infrastructure and capabilities for expanded operating revenues.” 

In addition to 767s, ATSG’s fleet includes Airbus A330s and A321s.