Lufthansa is to temporarily reactivate five Airbus A340-600s on flights from Munich next summer to provide a first-class product offering from the airport.

The German carrier pulled its 17 examples of the four-engined jet from service when the pandemic hit last year and even as early as April 2020 was indicating it would not restore the entire fleet.

Lufthansa Airbus A340-600

Source: Lukas Wunderlich/Shutterstock

Lufthansa plans to restore operations with five of its parked Airbus A340-600s from Munich in summer 2022

In September of last year it said seven of these would be permanently removed from service and the remaining 10 put in long-term storage, only to be reactived in the even of an ”unexpectedly rapid market recovery”.

While Lufthansa is in the process of selling a dozen of the A340-600s, it has today outlined pans to reactivate five aircraft to enable it to provide a first-class product offering from Munich in 2022. Lufthansa operates its A340-600s in a four-class configuration, including eight first-class seats.

“The decision to reactivate these aircraft is due to growing premium demand, for business as well as leisure travel,” Lufthansa says. ”Commencing in summer 2022, the A340-600s will fly from Munich primarily to North American and Asian destinations.”

Bringing the aircraft back into service will bridge a gap before the carrier takes delivery of the first of its Airbus A350-900s to feature a first-class cabin, which are due to arrive from late summer 2023.

But the move does not offer a long-term reprieve for the A340s: the airline says the five reactivated jets will be “sold at a later date”.