Hawaiian Airlines' last Boeing 767 passenger flight is airborne, marking the near completion of a long-running transition by the carrier to a fleet of modern Airbus and Boeing long-haul aircraft.

The carrier's move away from the venerable Boeing widebody began in 2010 when Hawaiian took delivery of its first Airbus A330, and continued as Hawaiian ordered 787s and A321neos.

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Hawaiian acquired its first 767 in 2001


The airline's final 767 passenger flight, operated by a 767-300ER with registration N594HA, departed Sacramento the morning of 7 January, bound for Honolulu as flight 19, the airline says. That aircraft has flown in the colours of Honolulu-based Hawaiian's since 2006, when Hawaiian purchased it from Delta Air Lines.

The 767 was new to Hawaiian in 2001, when the carrier received from Boeing its first of the type – a new 767-300ER powered by Pratt & Whitney PW4060 turbofans.

Hawaiian quickly acquired more of the type, which it used to replace McDonnell Douglas DC-10s. The carrier's 767 fleet peaked in 2007 when it operated 18 767s, including four 767-300s and 14 767-300ERs, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows. That fleet played a large role in Hawaiian's rapid international expansion in the last ten years.

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Hawaiian eventually operated a fleet of 18 767s


The carrier shifted away from 767s in the early part of this decade as it acquired the first of what has become a fleet of 24 A330s. Then in 2018 Hawaiian ordered 10 787-9s.

In March 2013, Hawaiian sealed the 767's fate when it ordered 16 A321neos as 767 replacements.

Hawaiian received its first A321neo in late 2017, but engine troubles brought A321neo deliveries to a halt in 2018, forcing Hawaiian to squeeze a bit more work from its aging 767s.

The carrier even pressed one retired 767 back into temporary service, said chief executive Peter Ingram.

Hawaiian's 767s days may be through, but some of the aircraft will continue flying under different colours.

In 2018, United Airlines purchased three former Hawaiian 767s, which United will place into this year, according to Flight Fleets Analyzer.

Air Canada's discount unit Rouge also operates four former Hawaiian 767s, and Azur Air Russia will place another four into service this year, Fleets Analyzer shows.

Six of Hawaiian's former 767s have been retired, and a single aircraft sits in storage, data shows.

Source: Cirium Dashboard