Flight Visions has delivered the first head-up displays (HUDs) for Lockheed Martin's X-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) concept demonstrators. The first two of seven Night Hawk HUDs have been installed in integration laboratories. Flight test units will be delivered this month.

Although it covers only HUDs for the concept demonstration aircraft, Flight Visions believes the contract places the company in a strong position to win HUD work in the JSF development and production phases. Its main competitor is expected to be Marconi Avionics, which is supplying the HUD for Boeing's X-32 JSF concept demonstrator.

Sugar Grove, Illinois-based Flight Visions says the Night Hawk came in 50% under the weight originally set by Lockheed Martin for the HUD. It weighs just 11.3kg, yet provides a wide, 30°, field of view, the company says.

Flight Visions has recently won a Northrop Grumman contract to supply its Sparrow Hawk low-cost HUD, as well as a head-down display and mission processor, for retrofit into US Navy Grumman F-14Bs. The company says it is now proposing a similar upgrade for newer F-14Ds.

Source: Flight International