The French defence ministry has cut funding for the Trigat LR anti-tank missile, throwing the already embattled project further into doubt.

The Trigat LR was intended to arm the Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter. The Trigat cut was announced as part of the country's defence expenditure review, revealed on 9 April.

The French defence ministry says it will buy Trigat LR off the shelf. This supposes, however, that the project survives this latest blow.

Defence minister Alain Richard told the national defence commission on 8 April that over the next four years a total of Fr20 billion ($330 million) will be saved, rising to Fr40 billion by 2010.

Richard told the commission, however, that major programmes such as the Dassault Rafale multirole fighter, Eurocopter Tiger anti-tank helicopter, NH Industries NH90 transport helicopter and the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, will remain intact.

Source: Flight International