Government body Fair Work Australia has ordered an end to all industrial action affecting Qantas, which should pave the way for the carrier to resume flights.

The tribunal made the decision after a marathon 15-hour session, ruling that both the airline and the unions in dispute with it needed to bring their actions to an end.

This means that Qantas' will be forced to resume flying again and the three trade unions - the Transport Workers Union, the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association, and the Australian and International Pilots Association - must stop their strike action.

FWA said that it was acting to prevent "significant damage" to the tourism and aviation industries.

CEO Alan Joyce was quoted in the Australian press indicating that operations should restart at 14.00 local, returning to a full schedule on 31 October.

The airline grounded its fleet at 17.00 local on 29 October in protest at on-going industrial action. Since that time the carrier said it has cancelled 447 flights, affecting 68,000 passengers.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news