Galileo Avionica has revealed a new helicopter/small fixed-wing aircraft/unmanned air vehicle version of its Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance (ATOS) multi-mission patrol and surveillance system.

The ATOS is an electro-optic sensor suite arranged in a spherical, four-axis stabilised platform rotating through 360° in azimuth, already in service on the ATR 42MP operating with the Italian coastguard and customs guard services.

Its all-weather sensor suite includes a thermal camera operating in the medium infrared wavelength range of 3-5µm, a TV colour camera for target search, and a monochrome TV camera for long-range search. The complete system integrates an onboard control, processing and recording console, a GPS receiver and a datalink to download information to fixed and mobile ground stations.

Galileo Avionica plans a future operator console system as a more compact solution to manage the mission, with hardware control and display components integrated in the helmet-mounted display.

The system could be operated by means of voice command and digital gloves, while also providing voice information.

Source: Flight International