GE Aviation has purchased maintenance records management company AirVault, further expanding GE's reach into the data-driven aviation maintenance sector, GE announces on 27 March.

The engine maker acquired AirVault, which has data centers in Dallas and Oklahoma City, through the purchase of AirVault's parent company Critical Technologies.

AirVault provides airlines and MRO providers with web-based storage and management of maintenance documents, according to AirVault's website.

The company has more than 40 major airline and MRO customers. It manages maintenance records of half of the North American commercial aircraft fleet and 20% of the global commercial aircraft fleet, according to GE's media release.

GE has positioned the deal as a means to strengthen a companywide predictive analytics software platform called Predix.

Predix can process and analyze data generated by virtually any large, modern industrial machine, executives have said. It can merge that data with operational, environmental and a host of other data, helping GE predict when a particular machine or its components will need maintenance.

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Source: Cirium Dashboard