General Electric's growth version of the GE90, the -115B for the longer-range Boeing 777-300ER/200LR derivatives, achieved a record power level of 120,316lb (535.4kN) during initial tests on 19 November.

The testbed engine established the record during the first few hours of a planned 150h-long initial evaluation phase at GE's Peebles complex in Ohio.

Following the peak thrust achievement GE says the engine ran at a "steady state of 117,446lb of thrust".

The engine is set to begin flight tests next March on the company's Boeing 747 flying testbed, before achieving joint US and European certification with a thrust rating of 115,000lb, which is expected later that year. The development timetable dovetails with that of the 777-300ER which is on track to enter final assembly in the third quarter of 2002 and make its maiden flight next December.

Source: Flight International