Six small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Hamburg, Germany have formed a joint company to carry out cabin work for Airbus and other airframers.

Cabin Systems Holding (CSH) has been formed by six members of the Hanse Aerospace group of SMEs that supply Airbus Deutschland. A further three joined on 1 September and a total of 50 are expected, the company says. In addition, the holding group is appointing its own team of IT, logistics, financial services and human resources personnel to form a company administration to act as a single point of contact for prime contractors.

The six initial members hope that the creation of a holding company to act as a first-tier contractor will send a "clear signal" that component suppliers can restructure to become strategic partners on complex programmes.

In the future, all CSH members will bid through the holding company, with workshare decided internally. Hamburg has been designated a a centre of excellence for cabin interiors by Airbus.


Source: Flight International