Market conditions appear to have pushed back until 2018 the arrival of two new developments for the Airbus Helicopters Super Puma family.

In late 2015, the manufacturer rebranded the AS332 C1e/L1e as the H215 and announced a new final assembly line for the type in Brasov, Romania. Initial examples were due to be delivered from the site in 2017.

However, that date now seems to have slipped. Airbus Helicopters declines to confirm when the first delivery from Brasov will take place, but it appears unlikely it will happen this year.

“Some key contracts have taken longer than expected to materialise so we are adjusting our schedule in Romania accordingly,” it says.

No backlog figures for the helicopter are available, but it has continued to sell in small numbers, with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on 22 June ordering a single example for 2020 delivery.

Airbus Helicopters on 3 July embarked on a Chinese demonstration tour with the H215.

H215 in China

Airbus Helicopters

In addition, a higher gross weight version of the H225, which was due for certification and delivery in 2017, has now been delayed until next year.

“Flight tests in hot conditions are currently in progress and certification is scheduled for early 2018,” says the manufacturer.

The upgrade will increase the maximum take-off weight by 160kg (353lb) from its current limit of 11t.