Airbus Helicopters has gained European certification for single-pilot operations of its H175 super-medium-twin in instrument flight rules (IFR) conditions.

European regulators approved the change on 14 February, according to type certification documentation.

H175-Aerial-Work-c-Airbus Helicopters

Source: Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters says the feature was developed at the request of “one H175 operator” and will be “made available on customer request”.

A specific modification to the type’s Helionix avionics software is required to permit single-pilot IFR, alongside changes to the H175’s flight manual.

“This version of the Helionix software has gone through extensive ground and flight testing campaigns, in line with airworthiness requirements,” says the manufacturer.

Airbus Helicopters logged gross orders for just four H175s in 2019, although as a result of a 22-unit cancellation from Bristow Group, the net figure was -18 aircraft.