The export version of AVIC’s Z-19 reconnaissance/attack helicopter is ready to start batch production following various tests.

The company says that the Z-19E export variant has undergone various performance and other tests, reports the official China Daily newspaper. It is produced by AVIC unit Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing.

While the Z-19 is operated by the Chinese army, it is not clear if AVIC has secured a customer for the Z-19E.

At the Airshow China event held in Zhuhai during November 2016, AVIC displayed a mockup of the Z-19E at its stand. In May 2017, Xinhua reported that the helicopter had conducted its first flight.

The Zhuhai mockup lacked the mast-mounted radar that has been photographed on some domestic examples of the Z-19. Its main sensor is a chin mounted electro-optical/infrared ball.

The helicopter also lacks the turreted cannon found on most attack helicopters. It has two stub wings with two hard points each. These can carry cannons and a range of missiles.

The Z-19 is based on the Z-9, a license built version of the Airbus Helicopters Dauphin.

At Zhuhai in 2016, the mockup carried the “Blue Arrow 9” anti-tank missile, a lightweight version of the HJ-10 missile used on Beijing’s heavy attack helicopter, the Z-10.