The Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopter is in contention for a Bangladeshi requirement.

“Boeing is encouraged by recent steps taken by the Bangladesh Air Force to communicate with the U.S. Government an interest in acquiring the AH-64E Apache,” says the US company.

“This procurement would be a government-to-government Foreign Military Sale, and Boeing stands ready to support as the process unfolds.”

A rival manufacturer, however, has also submitted information on its attack helicopter to Dhaka, but says it has yet to hear any news about the potential acquisition. It declined to comment further owing to customer sensitivities.

The number of rotorcraft required is also not clear. If consummated, the deal would add a new capability to the Bangladeshi military: Cirium fleets data shows that the country operates no dedicated attack helicopters.

The Bangladeshi air force has 58 in service rotorcraft comprising 32 Mil Mi-8 family helicopters, 14 Bell 212s, six Bell 206s, four Leonardo Helicopters AW139s, and two AW119s. The average age of the fleet is 20.9 years, with the Leonardo Helicopters assets the youngest with an average age of 2.5 years.

The army, for its part, has 10 helicopters: six Mi-8 family helicopters, two Bell 206s, and two Airbus Helicopters AS365s.