US helicopter manufacturer Enstrom has finalised a deal with Peru to provide the country’s armed forces with four new trainer aircraft.

Michigan-based Enstrom on 6 February said it signed an agreement with Lima covering four 280FX piston-engined helicopters. The trainers will be divided equally between the Peruvian army and air force.

The new aircraft will supplement Peru’s existing training fleet, which includes five Enstrom 280s and six Enstrom F-28s across the various military services, according to Cirium data.

Enstrom-280FX-Trainer c Enstrom

Source: Enstrom Helicopter

The latest deal will provide the Peruvian army and air force each with two Enstrom 280FX piston engine trainer helicopters

Enstrom notes it has been supplying the South American country with rotorcraft since the 1990s, including the army, navy and air force.

“They put our helicopters through a highly competitive evaluation,” says Enstrom chief commercial officer Dennis Martin. “Enstrom’s 280FX performed the best in Peru’s demanding hot and high-altitude environment.”

Located along the spine of the towering Andes Mountains, Peru is home to the world’s highest permanently inhabited city – La Rinconada, whose some 16,000 residents live at 16,732ft (5,100m) above sea level.

The recent sales agreement will see the Peruvian air force transition to an all-Enstrom trainer fleet. The service currently operates a mix of four 280s and four Hughes 269 training helicopters.

The 280FX is powered by a Lycoming piston engine.

Miami-based Panamerican Aviation Sales assisted Enstrom with the deal – the first time the two firms have worked together.

“We plan to introduce Enstrom to many more customers,” says Panamerican chief executive David Rojas.

Enstrom 280s are also operated by Pakistan (19) and Venezuela (2).

The Enstrom 480 is flown by Japan (30), Thailand (21) and Venezuela (12), according to Cirium data.

Zambia also has orders for two 480s, Cirium says.