Norwegian investigators have recovered the wreckage of the Sikorsky S-92 involved in a fatal crash off the coast of Norway on 28 February in which one person died.

The search and rescue-roled helicopter (LN-OIJ) came down around 2nm (3.7km) west of Lono, an island 13nm west of Bergen, during a night training mission, the Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority (NSIA) states.

S_92 recovery-c-Norway SHK

Source: Norway SHK

Helicopter was raised from a depth of 220m by the Normand Ocean vessel

NSIA says the helicopter, which was largely intact, was located at a depth of 220m (720ft). Following recovery by the ship Normand Ocean during the night of 1 March, it was transferred to Haakonsvern naval base for initial technical investigation.

Norwegian coastguard vessels had previously salvaged floating wreckage which has also been handed over to the NSIA.

S-92 deck-c-Norway SHK

Source: Norway SHK

Following recovery, the S-92 was transported to a Norwegian naval base

Images released by the agency show the tail rotor is intact, potentially indicating it was not rotating at the point of impact, while the main rotor blades are largely destroyed. In addition, the helicopter’s floats, which should deploy automatically, are stowed.

All six people aboard the Bristow Norway-operated S-92 were rescued following the crash but one passenger later died.

S-92 quayside-c-Norway SHK

Source: Norway SHK

One person died when the helicopter came down around 15nm west of Bergen