NH Industries (NHI) has completed deliveries of the NH90 troop transport helicopter to the Italian army, handing over the service’s 60th example on 25 November.

Assembled at the Venice Tessera plant of Leonardo Helicopters, part of the NHI consortium alongside Airbus Helicopters and GKN/Fokker, the type is designated the UH-90A in Italian service.

Final NH90 Italy-c-Leonardo Helicopters

Source: Leonardo Helicopters

Final example was handed over at Tessera plant

Italy is one of the largest operators of NH90s, with the country’s navy also flying the 11t-class helicopter; Cirium fleets data shows the latter has 52 examples in service and another four on order.

Carlo Gualdaroni, chief business officer at Leonardo Helicopters, says: “We’re extremely excited to achieve this crucial milestone with the Italian army.

“We’re committed to staying closer and closer to the Italian army to ensure its UH-90A fleet accomplishes its missions at its best in any condition now and into the future.”


Source: Leonardo Helicopters

Italian army has received 60 of the troop transport variant