The Philippines coast guard has ordered a single Airbus Helicopters H145, which will function in the search and rescue (SAR) and law enforcement missions.

This will be the first H145 in the Philippines used for parapublic missions, says Airbus Helicopters.

The 4t rotorcraft will be equipped with high frequency radios, emergency flotation gear, fast roping capability, a cargo sling, a search light, and other systems consistent with the SAR, medical evacuation, maritime patrol, and law enforcement missions.

“We are honoured by the Philippine Coast Guard’s decision to introduce the country’s first parapublic H145 into its fleet, as the perfect complement to the current workhorse BO105 which has served the agency well for the past 40 years,” says Philippe Monteux, regional head for Airbus Helicopters.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that the coast guard operates two Britten-Norman BN-2As and a single BO105C.