Airbus Helicopters H225Ms and Boeing CH-47F Chinooks in service with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) have attained full operational capability (FOC) status.

According to Singapore’s defence ministry, an FOC ceremony was officiated by defence minister Ng Eng Hen at the RSAF’s Sembawang air base.

The H225Ms serve with the RSAF’s 125 and 126 squadrons, while the CH-47Fs serve with 127 Sqn.

“Today, the H225M and the CH-47F will provide the [Singapore Armed Forces] with an enhanced, robust, and flexible lift capability,” says Ng.

“They will strengthen the RSAF’s ability to undertake a wide range of operations, including search and rescue operations, aeromedical evacuations, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. More importantly, these two new helicopter platforms will enhance cross-service integration, allowing the RSAF to better support our army and navy troops in equipment lifts.”

The RSAF’s H225M and CH-47F fleets stem from orders placed in 2016. Singapore is typically coy about aircraft numbers, but Cirium fleets data suggests that it has 16 CH-47Fs and 13 H225Ms in service.

Singapore took delivery of its first H225M in March 2021 and its first CH-47F in May 2021.

In addition, the RSAF is listed as still operating 11 Airbus Helicopters AS332Ms and eight AS532ULs – older varaints of the Super Puma family – although these rotorcraft have an average age of over 30 years. 

Cirium also lists the RSAF as operating 10 CH-47SDs, with five more in storage. The average age of the CH-47SD fleet is 24.2 years.