Indonesian industrial estate developer Jababeka has entered a memorendum of understanding with Airbus Helicopters for up to 12 H130 rotorcraft.

The developer plans to use the single-engine helicopters as shuttles to ferry passengers between Jakarta and its main industrial park in Cikarang, West Java, says Airbus Helicopters in a statement.

"Even though Cikarang is located just 25km from Jakarta, the traffic conditions often make this relatively short journey into a long drive of up to three or four hours,” says Setyono Djuanda Darmono, founder and chairman of Jababeka

“This helicopter shuttle service is long overdue for Cikarang. Our tenants will never want anything less after experiencing the service.”

The shuttle is set to commence service in July 2017, and will also be rolled out to Jalabeka’s other industrial parks in Indonesia.