Turbomeca has secured European Aviation Safety Agency certification for the 500shp (373kW)-class Arrius 2R, the latest variant of its long-running turboshaft engine that will power the Bell Helicopter 505 Jet Ranger X.

“Delivering a best-in-class solution, on time, continues to be a top priority for us. We are delighted with the progress of this blossoming Franco-American collaboration,” says Turbomeca chief executive Bruno Even.

The 505 light single marks the first time the rotorcraft stalwarts have collaborated on a programme.

So far 15 Arrius 2Rs have been shipped from Turbomeca’s production site, in Grand Prairie, Texas to the final assembly line for the helicopter in Lafayette, Louisiana.

During its evaluation phase, Turbomeca logged some 2,500h of ground testing. First flight of the engine came in November 2014 at Bell’s facility in Mirabel, Canada.

Bell 505

Bell Helicopter

Certification of the Jet Ranger X is scheduled for early 2016, with deliveries to begin shortly after.

In its most recent programme update, Bell says its three flying prototypes have accumulated 570h. The initial FTV1 prototype has completed its certification flight tests – performing more than 200 sorties in the process – and will now be used for a 100h endurance ground run.

FTV2 has finished engine control and torsional stability tests and is due to finish its certification campaign in early 2016, with cold weather trials.

The third flight-test article, meanwhile, has been used to validate the performance of optional kits for the 505. It was also the primary platform for validation of the TB17 lithium-ion battery for the helicopter.

It will conclude the approvals process in 2016 with function and reliability testing.

Source: FlightGlobal.com