Zambia’s air force has inaugurated a pair of Enstrom 480B light-single helicopters into its fleet.

Enstrom finalised the sale of the Rolls-Royce M250 turbine-powered pair with Lusaka in February 2023.

Enstrom 480B Zambia-c-Enstrom

Source: Enstrom

Helicopters will be used for training and utility missions

South African maintenance provider Safomar Group assisted with the logistics and configuration of the 480Bs.

Lieutenant General Oscar Msitu Nyoni, Zambian air force commander, says the helicopters will be used for training and utility missions.

Both aircraft are equipped with Garmin glass cockpits, although one features an “analogue hybrid” display, to allow student pilots to familiarise themselves with both systems.

As part of the contract, Enstrom hosted Zambian mechanics in October 2023 for a week of maintenance training.

Earlier this year, Enstrom clinched a deal with Peru for four piston-powered 280FX trainers, for air force and army use.