International Aero Engines started the assembly of the 2,000th V2500 engine yesterday, some 20 years after the consortium was formed, says president Steve Heath. It will be delivered to an as-yet-unidentified customer in October.


"My vision is for IAE to build an engine and a half every day for the next 10 years," says Heath. IAE forecasts a market for more than 8,000 aircraft in the 150-seater category over the next 20 years.

"Its aim is to capture 50% of that market but IAE needs to gain an application on the next generation Boeing narrowbody to achieve this share, he adds.

"Airbus perceives a strategic advantage" in having an engine choice for the A320 family.

IAE also announced that Hong Kong's Dragonair has chosen the V2500 again for five more A320s it has on order.

Source: Flight Daily News