Israel Aerospace Industries has offered to help the country's air force keep its CM-170 Zukit trainers in service until the air force has a chance to evaluate the military version of the ATG Javelin very light jet.

IAI is partnered with the US manufacturer on a bid to replace Israel's ageing basic trainers, and says it is prepared to pay for the upkeep of the CM-170s until the Javelin capabilities are proven. Although the Israeli ministry of defence has kept open a request for proposals, IAI says that negotiations are taking place with the air force.

The Israeli company is designing two military versions of the Javelin: the Mk20 version will be identical in size to the VLJ version, but with ejection seats and military avionics for basic flight training. It will be powered by two Williams FJ-33-4 engines. A later Mk30 version will have more powerful engines and be pitched at replacing aircraft such as the McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk and Dassault Breguet AlphaJet. Under the IAI proposal, the company will take over ownership of the CM-170s after retirement, and believes it may be able to resell the aircraft in certain markets.

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The Israeli air force is keeping a request for proposals open, but is in talks with IAI to evaluate the Javelin

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