Sarah Lazenby

Seven IAI Kfir fighter aircraft will receive upgraded weapons and mission display equipment in a deal announced by US-based Flight Visions at Asian Aerospace '98.

The contract with Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) also includes a 12-aircraft option.

IAI has selected a Flight Visions system which includes the Sparrow Hawk head up display (HUD) and its new FV-2000E HUD symbol generator (HSG).

Flight Visions is also to install two weapons delivery systems for Ecuadorian Navy Bell 412 helicopters in a deal signed with Heli-Dyne Systems of Texas.

The systems include Flight Visions' weapon delivery software - the FV-3000 Modular Mission Display Processor (MMDP) and the Sparrow Hawk HUD.

The company is providing software enhancements as well as technical support for installation, integration and testing.

The Sparrow Hawk HUD gives pilots a graphic display of aircraft instrumentation and weapon aiming and delivery information, plus an enlarged field of view.

The FV-3000 MMDP can drive HUDs, helmet mounted displays (HMDs) and multi-function displays (MFDs) simultaneously and independently with surplus power for mission processing and navigation. The system can also detect and isolate faults via built-in test equipment.

The FV-2000E HSG combines display generation modules from the FV-3000 with the computing engine of the FV-2000.

Source: Flight Daily News