Airbus Military's A400M arrived at ILA in spectacular style, with the European manufacturer back in air display mode after restricting the type to a static-only appearance at July's Farnborough air show.

"Grizzly" development aircraft MSN4 is on show this week, with Airbus test pilot Karl-Heinz Mai having completed an impressive validation routine shortly after its arrival. Including the A400M's signature display manoeuvre, where a bank angle of up to 120˚ is demonstrated following a high-speed pass and climb. The sequence showcases the type's agility and the responsiveness of its Europrop International TP400-D6 engines.

 A400M flying at ILA

 Airbus Military's A400M flying at ILA

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Airbus Military announced ahead of the show that it will hand over its first production A400M "Atlas" to the French air force in the second quarter of 2013, missing a previous target of 31 March. Company managing director Domingo Ureña will update the programme's status on the opening day of ILA.

Germany will be the third of seven European partner nations to take delivery of the airlifter, with its first example to be accepted in 2014.

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Source: Flight Daily News