Israel Military Industries (IMI) has teamed with Northrop Grumman to further enhance the Improved Tactical Air-Launched Decoy (I-TALD). The system, developed for the US Navy, will have improved capabilities to create false aircraft signatures within advanced detection systems.

In 1996, IMI was declared sole developer and manufacturer of the decoy for the US Navy and the international market. IMI has received about $150 million-worth of orders for I-TALD decoys.

I-TALD is an improved version of IMI's earlier-generation TALD decoy, used recently in Iraq. Launched from fighter aircraft to suppress and divert enemy anti-aircraft batteries, I-TALDs provide protection for attacking aircraft.

IMI says the decoy has excellent manoeuvrability and a 35min flexible pre-programmed flightpath and profile based on a GPS navigation system. I-TALD appears on enemy radar screens as a fighter aircraft, attracting anti-aircraft missiles and diverting enemy activity away from fighters.

IMI president Udi Ganani says the new electro-optical payload developed by Northrop Grumman will be "very capable" in creating false targets. The upgrade follows an engineering change proposal made by both companies. The I-TALD has a stand-off range of 300km (160nm) and can fly at up to Mach 0.8 at altitudes of 500-30,000ft (150-9,100m).


Source: Flight International