What airliners are you most likely to find parked? Ascend Fleets data for January 2015 reveals the types with the most non-active examples.

1. Boeing 737 Classic (passenger version)

737-300 in storage


Parked 324

In service 741

Of the 1,065 examples of Boeing’s Classic narrowbody in existence, just under a third are in storage

2. Bombardier CRJ regional jet (passenger version)

CRJ in storage


Parked 252

In service 599

The former Canadair 50-seater was once ubiquitous. No more. Almost 30% of the fleet is parked

3. Boeing MD-80 (passenger version)



Parked 209

In service 452

Over 31% of the fleet of the ageing former McDonnell Douglas twinjets are idle

4. Boeing 757 (passenger version)

Boeing 757 storage


Parked 165

In service 504

There is talk of Boeing coming up with a replacement for its popular long-haul single-aisle type

5. Airbus A320

Airbus A320 in storage


Parked 143

In service 3.432

It comes in fifth but only 4% of the most popular variant of Toulouse’s narrowbody family are parked

6. Embraer ERJ-145

Embraer ERJ-145


Parked 112

In service 562

Although 112 of the Brazilian regional jet are parked, many more remain in service

7. Boeing 767 (passenger version)

Boeing 767 in storage


Parked 103

In service 601

As the widebody comes to the end of its likely production life, almost 15% of tall 767s are in storage

8. Boeing 747 (freighter)



Parked 85

In service 271

Almost a quarter of the total fleet of the original jumbo freighter are parked

9. Boeing 737NG

Boeing 737 storage


Parked 81

In service 4,858

A tiny 1.6% of this huge global fleet are currently out of service

10. Boeing 737-200 (passenger version)

Boeing 737-200


Parked 80

In service 73

Over half of the remaining fleet of 153 of the venerable narrowbody are out of action

Source: Flight International