India MRO firm Air Works has received EASA certification for its maintenance facilities at Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

This is the first time EASA has awarded repairs station approval to an airframe MRO company in India, says Air Works.

The approval covers air frame and component major maintenance work for ATR42/72 - 500 aircraft and Boeing 737s. Air Works plans to add capability for the A320 in the coming months.

It estimates that there are 500 737s and 100 ATRs operating in India and neighbouring countries.

Air Works Hosur has one hanger capable of housing two aircraft of ATR 72 size. It plans to build a widebody hanger to be ready by the end of 2010, and will invest up to $40 million for additional hangers, a dedicated paint operation, and future/component MRO activities.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news