India's Lakshya-2 target drone recently completed its first flight test, flying 32min at low altitude.

Produced by India's Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), the Lakshya-2 can fly down to 49-82ft (15-25m) above sea level, simulating a low-flying cruise missile.

For the test, the aircraft was launched from a mobile platform and operated by a ground control station.

"The aircraft also demonstrated its manoeuvring capability by simulating attacking aircraft," says the ADE. "Two Lakshya targets can be flown and controlled by a common ground station."

 Lakshya-2 target - ADE
© Aeronautical Development Establishment

The drone's engine is produced by Hindustan Aeronautics and other Indian companies. The Lakshya-2 will come in two versions, one of which can be recovered on land, the other at sea.

Source: Flight International