Satellite communications provider Inmarsat says it expects to launch its GX Aviation high-speed in-flight internet service late in the third quarter of 2015.

This is slightly later than originally planned, said chief executive Rupert Pearce in the company's first quarter earnings update issued on 6 May.

Pearce says the third satellite for the constellation has been transported to Baikonur in Kazakhstan ahead of a launch in early June. A second satellite was lofted into orbit earlier this year.

He adds: "There was significant progress in aviation in the quarter, with several major new cabin connectivity contracts in advanced stages of negotiation, and the S-band license acquisition process moving forward well.

"Plans for developing our air-to-ground network are also progressing well.”

The Ka-band GX Aviation service promises consistent speeds for in-flight wi-fi across the planet. Inmarsat is supported in the effort by Honeywell which is the exclusive hardware provider with its JetWave equipment.

Aviation revenue rose $4.9m in the first quarter to $27.1m, an increase of 22.1%.