German interiors group Diehl Aerosystems offers the redesigned aft galley lavatory complex for the Airbus A320 both under the airframer's "Space-Flex" programme as well as an alternative, independent solution dubbed "Seatcount Flex".

The company is showing for the first time a mock-up of the narrowbody's rear cabin section with the re-arranged layout to create space for an additional seat row. While the passenger seating area on current A320s is separated from the galley by lavatories, the designers have moved the toilet monuments aft of the rear passenger doors, thus allowing installation of seats right up to the entry area.

The "Space-Flex" variant - which Diehl's engineers developed together with Airbus - comprises two lavatories next to one another just behind the port aft door, with the galley section on the starboard side.

The basic aim was to use previously unoccupied space between the galley's rear wall and concave rear pressure bulkhead. The designers have thus turned the central lavatory cubicle by 90 degrees and moved it slightly further aft than the galley and other toilet.

Nevertheless the layout still allows the wall between the two lavatories to be folded aside to provide more space for people with reduced mobility.

While the galley is narrower than in a conventional layout, the available space up to the pressure bulkhead still accommodates two full-size service trolleys.

In Diehl's own "Seatcount Flex" layout, each of the lavatories is located next to the rear doors, with the galley compartment located between them.

While "Space-Flex" is offered as both line- and retrofit options, Diehl's own design is only available as retrofit equipment for conventionally configured A320s, says Bernhard Bertrams, senior vice-president business development and sales.

Diehl has not yet found a customer for the re-arranged cabin architecture. But Bertrams is sure that the first equipment will be seen in service in 2014.

Source: Flight Daily News