HelioJet, a joint project by Schott Lighting and Imaging and Lufthansa Technik, has come up with a way of accurately rendering colours using LED lighting.

Previously LEDs have struggled to emit colours in a stabilised fashion. However the HelioJet True Colour Stabilisation (TCS) system uses an optical light converter to evenly mix each individual shade.

"Any desired shade can be produced and maintained at a consistent defined colour level throughout all of the HelioJet (TCS) units. Colour gradients and scenarios are also possible," says Schott.

"The unique aspect of this new technology is its innovative sensor technology. It ensures that every LED installed in the system is perfectly in tune and produces the desired colour temperature extremely accurately, both inside a HelioJet (TCS) unit and with all of the light units inside the cabin," it adds.

Source: Flight Daily News