German accident investigators are probing a fatal collision between two helicopters operated by the Bundespolizei federal police during a 21 March training exercise in Berlin.

One pilot was killed during the accident, which involved a Eurocopter EC155 Dauphin and an AS332 Super Puma, outside the Olympic stadium in the nation's capital. A further six police officers were hospitalised.

German heli crash  


A spokesman for the Berlin police department says the incident occurred as both helicopters came into land. One had already touched down at about 10:30 local time, when the second collided with the stationary aircraft, it says.

Television footage of the incident shows poor visibility in heavy snow at the time of the crash.

German helicopter crash 


A team from the BFU air accident investigation agency has been dispatched to Berlin.

Flightglobal's Ascend Online Fleets database records the Bundespolizei as operating 20 of each type.

Source: Flight International