The Israeli air force is equipping its fighter fleet with Rafael's new Spice 250 glide bomb, with the company having disclosed partial details of the system.

Unlike previous members of the company's Spice family of weapons, which added precision guidance kits to 2,000lb (900kg) and 1,000lb "dumb" bombs, this time Rafael is supplying a complete system, weighing 113kg.

Rafael says the Spice 250 can be loaded with 100 optional targets in a given area, with scene-matching algorithms. As with previous Spice products, the weapon navigates to a target area using INS/GPS guidance, before its electro-optical/imaging infrared sensor is engaged.

 Spice 250 - Rafael


This combination enables a claimed circular error of probability accuracy of less than 10ft (3m), with positive target identification and no risk of GPS jamming, Rafael adds. The weapon also can provide a battle damage indication capability by transmitting an image of its target just before it is struck.

According to Rafael the Spice 250 can achieve an extended standoff range of up to 54nm (100km) using its deployable wings, which also allow for increased weapons load-out on combat aircraft.

Rafael also is supplying its smart quad rack to the air force, with each capable of carrying four Spice 250 bombs. The weapon will arm the Lockheed Martin F-16, while a Boeing F-15 will be capable of carrying a maximum of 28.

"This allows each aircraft to handle multiple targets," says Rafael, including engaging time-sensitive targets and moving ground and maritime threats.

The Spice 250 can also be armed with different types of explosives, in order to handle specific targets, says Yuval Miller, head of Rafael's air-to-ground directorate.

Source: Flight International