ITT Exelis has completed electromagnetic testing of the AN/ALQ-211 (V)9 for use aboard 41 Pakistan air force Lockheed Martin F-16s.

The AN/ALQ-211 (V)9 is a pod-mounted advanced integrated defensive electronic warfare suite (AIDEWS) derived from the AN/ALQ-211 (V)4, which is mounted internally. The testing was conducted at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

The (V)4 is compatible with post-Block 50 F-16s, which are designed to accommodate internal electronic warfare systems. Islamabad's 18 Block 52 F-16s received this system under the Peace Drive I programme, which was signed in 2008.

Peace Drive II, an amendment to Peace Drive I, included a pod-mounted version of the system for use on pre-Block 50 F-16s, of which Pakistan operates 41.

The AN/ALQ-211 system includes a radar warning receiver, digital radio frequency memory jammer and electronic warfare suite controller.

The company will commence the production of AN/ALQ-211 (V)9 pods from next year. It says the target market for the system comprises pre-Block 50 F-16s.

ITT Exelis adds that the (V)9 and (V)4 systems share 100% commonality, which it claims eases logistics support for the system.

Source: Flight International