Japan’s Civil Aviation Bureau (CAB) has reprimanded Japan AirAsia and Jetstar Japan over an oversight related to routine inspections regarding the Airbus A320 aircraft.

In late September, as part of the renewal of airworthiness certificates for the carriers, the CAB questioned the pair’s compliance with a CAB technical circular directive (TCD) pertaining to the routine inspection of the A320’s trimmable horizontal stabiliser actuator, a CAB spokesman said in an email to Flightglobal Pro.

The TCD, which is based on an EASA airworthiness directive, requires operators to conduct inspections in accordance with an Airbus Service Bulletin, but the CAB contends that the two carriers failed to review this bulletin.

As a result, Japan AirAsia operated three aircraft for seven months without the required detail of inspections, while Jetstar Japan operated seven aircraft for eight months without the required detail.

“We issued administrative instructions to make them take corrective actions,” says the spokesman.

Both carriers have yet to respond to Flightglobal Pro regarding the oversight.

Source: Cirium Dashboard