Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) is developing a new long-range guided weapon that can cruise to a location before loitering and attacking when a target is identified.

The system is called "Devil Killer" and has a maximum speed that ranges between 189-216kt (350-400km/h), says KAI. It navigates using GPS and a data link, and the company refers to it as a "suicide combat unmanned air vehicle".

"After [the Devil Killer] moves to the target point along the pre-programmed route, which is designated with navigation points, the operator can identify targets through the forward-looking camera image and then commence either a manual or automatic strike," says KAI.

 devil killer kai

Korea Aerospace Industries

The system is powered by an electric motor and weighs 25kg (55lb), with a length of 1.5m (4.92ft). Details of its explosive payload, endurance and range are confidential.

If a target is not identified, the system can be retrieved and re-used. At present, the company is focusing on a surface-launched version, but eventually, it hopes to develop an air-launched variant.

The company aims to pitch the system to the South Korean armed forces and foreign buyers.

 kai devil killer

Korea Aerospace Industries

Source: Flight International